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Despair Works

For what is life BUT despair?

Houkago Play Sadistic Dominator


Remember us?
This is just a short… omake short? for Houkago Play featuring that girl and the club captain which apparently appears in volume two. The volume two that refuses to exist on the internet.

Posted 2010-11-23 by Akira · Comment [150]

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 14

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 14

Perhaps some of you have noticed that our rotating quotations at the top of the page has changed. We’ve added a few more witty remarks, some pertaining to the addition of Literature Girl to our scanlation lineup, some more randomness, et cetera. One of the additions is the phrase “never make promises.”

So we didn’t get the chapter out before August. But we did get it out before August ended! Less than a month late. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Summer creeps up on us and we simply are too busy… doing other stuff. But now that Chapter 14’s out, all’s well that ends well. So no more promises from now on, things will be out when they’re out.

We do have Chapter 15 already, translation’s currently in progress. Just sit tight, everyone; we’ll have it out befor—- never mind that. In all seriousness though, now that summer’s over, we’re probably doing… more legitimate things that don’t involve any of the activities Jiu mentioned in his previous post. Which means we have more time to look after the needs of our readers? Probably not.

In addition, thanks to the commenter who posted the news announcing YMT’s return to syndication. We’re excited to hear that!

Anyways, pardon the delay once again, and please, enjoy this newest chapter.

In Moe We Go,

PS: Another reason why this chapter took so long to do was because I couldn’t help but feel absolutely retarded when translating it. Afterwards, Jiu could not stop facepalming, so we gave it off to Shadowknight, who couldn’t stop laughing. You’ll see why.

*link fixed (again), chapter reuploaded with page 11.

Posted 2009-08-31 by Akira · Comment [98]

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