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Despair Works

For what is life BUT despair?

About Us

We are men. Despairing men.

*Jiu: Editor Guy
A man of WHINE and JEEZ.
Jiu is often too lazy to be bothered… and probably couldn’t care less about his staff page.

Solamarle: Translator Guy
Tsundere flat-chested loli. Such a cupcake.

Akira: Translator Guy
Translates eroge on the side. Also public relations.

ShadowKnight: Editor Guy
Despite what his name may imply, is actually a dogmaid.

Trefle: Yet Another Editor
I didn’t just steal another editor from Gensokyo. Honest.

Wong: Backup Editor Guy for the Backup Editor Guy
Because we can’t have enough backups for the backups.


Yubisaki Milk Tea by Miyano Tomochika from chapters 57 on. Dropped
Koe de Oshigoto! by Konno Azure from the start. Dropped
Bungaku Shoujo by Nomura Mizuki and Kousaka Rito from the start. Dropped
Houkago Play by Kurosaki Rendou Volume 1 complete.