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Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 13

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 13:

It’s been a while, everyone, but here’s Chapter 13 of Koe de Oshigoto, in which Yayoi tells the gang a story about back in the day…

Free Talk:
So it’s the summer, right? Summer means students are busy bullshitting around. I’m currently out of the country, so I apologize if work is slow. Koe de Oshigoto 14 has been obtained and I’m currently working on translating it. I promise it’ll be out before August, for sure.

I also missed Konno Azure’s autograph session at Gamers in Akihabara by a day. I cried… (Well, not really.) In any case, thanks for supporting us as always. Bungaku Shoujo will also continue, albeit (as we said before) at a much slower rate, since it’s a much more difficult edit. I’m glad that you guys like it! It’s one of my favourite series.

In addition, we are always aware that other groups are also working on series that we happen to pick up. We don’t mind, actually; if we did, we wouldn’t have picked those series up in the first place. Better work only comes through competition.

Finally, I apologize for any translation errors or typos that we made during this chapter. I translated it on the plane, and Jiu is perpetually tired.



  1. 2 July 2009, 22:36

    KKK Says:

    Thanks you

  2. 3 July 2009, 00:35

    suiton Says:


    HAHAH! I wasn’t expecting this today!!

    NICE! And it’s also great that another chapter is coming soon!!

  3. 3 July 2009, 02:18

    Zathael Says:

    Thanks a lot for this!

  4. 4 July 2009, 00:30

    ^__________^ Says:

    where did you get the raw of koe de oshigoto 14?

    Thanks _

  5. 4 July 2009, 17:57

    e-jump Says:

    Thanks bro
    found out bout this mango from /a/ (☞゚◡◡゚)☞

  6. 4 July 2009, 20:40

    Fusion Says:

    Thanks a lot for this flashback chapter ^^

  7. 6 July 2009, 03:10

    AhKi Says:

    Oh sh- Pandastic.

  8. 2 August 2009, 12:15

    TehSpiah Says:

    All I have to say is, TODAY IS AUGUST! But I’m patient and procrastination is fine with me

  9. 7 August 2009, 11:18

    Lacerta Says:

    August 6 and still no koe de oshigoto 14 _ so much for the promise :)) but all is fine if they release both chapters 14 and 15 at the same time :P

  10. 8 August 2009, 06:54

    Anonymous Says:

    It’s true Akira’s been good to us….
    But I’m dying here :(

  11. 13 August 2009, 02:46

    KKK Says:

    14 please

  12. 13 August 2009, 04:37

    s3rius Says:

    Haha, deadlines are such an evil thing!
    Never name a release date, so that no one can complain that you didn’t finish it in time ;)
    I discovered Despair Works by accident and I love KdO.
    I’ll be checking this site for updates regulary from now on.
    Hope it won’t take too long :p

  13. 24 August 2009, 16:03

    Bork Says:

    NEED KDO14 :(

  14. 28 August 2009, 06:43

    msgundam2 Says:

    was Koe de Oshigoto! dropped ?

  15. 28 August 2009, 09:17

    - Says:

    probably not they are just slow