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Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 11

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 11:

Our first release since our move! Our favorite genius eroge seiyuu is back for more… but she runs into a spot of trouble…?!

A big thank you to Jiu and ShadowKnight for editing this time. We’ve all been busy, so we all apologize for the delay. As always, read and enjoy.

For those of you who prefer the PSP versions, the downloads to those are now available on the downloads page.



  1. 15 April 2009, 14:47

    Kevadu Says:

    Thanks for the release and keep up the good work!

  2. 15 April 2009, 15:53

    Dwinton Says:


  3. 15 April 2009, 16:26

    DReality Says:

    Thanks once again.

  4. 15 April 2009, 16:55

    Anonymous Says:

    Thankies, good sirs.

  5. 15 April 2009, 19:27

    YohJay Says:

    nice :D once again, thankie for the release xD

  6. 15 April 2009, 19:30

    kanaka Says:

    Thanks for the release!
    Haha, this series is just hilarious. Perfecting an “ability” to orgasm at will… lols.
    I’d imagine you would be able to freak a lot of people out if you had that skill.
    Keep it coming! :)

  7. 15 April 2009, 20:44

    suiton Says:



  8. 15 April 2009, 23:34

    Rick Says:

    There’s a problem with download program, it didn’t give file size
    The problem is in the header :
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”[DW] Koe de Oshigoto! ch”; size = “8531004”
    it should be :
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”[DW] Koe de Oshigoto! ch”; size=“8531004”
    (no space)

    hope that helps

  9. 16 April 2009, 00:38

    msgundam2 Says:

    This is a great manga. the first scenes (the Ero-game one) actually gave me a boner. not to many non-hentai mangas can do that.

  10. 16 April 2009, 04:34

    Zhar Says:

    Thanks for awesome new release!
    And congrats with new site :D

  11. 16 April 2009, 08:24

    c_k Says:

    Thanks for the release and will be looking forward to the next chapter. Just saw 2 minor mistakes:
    p.11 (upper left) I… I just pictures myself (should be ‘picture’)
    p.15 (bottom left) Motoki says upper left, but isn’t she on the upper right?

  12. 16 April 2009, 08:32

    suiton Says:

    Hm, I guess a v2 should be made.

  13. 18 April 2009, 19:01

    Candide666 Says:

    Thank you. Me and my friends are really enjoying your releases. :)

  14. 27 April 2009, 06:28

    UhClem Says:

    I guess the new site is nice. I note that your posts are not time stamped like they where on the old site. Also it is too bad to loose all of the comentary that was built up. It is a good thing that I pulled all of your KdO release notes/banter off of the old blog and pasted it into a text file I compiled with the ten chapter repackage I uploaded to Manga Traders. Had I not, then all your “translation notes” would no be lost to the world (and your haiku even). Maybe I’m too anal but I felt the notes added value.

  15. 29 April 2009, 11:26

    c_k Says:

    Chapter 12 raw is out~