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Houkago Play Sadistic Dominator


Remember us?
This is just a short… omake short? for Houkago Play featuring that girl and the club captain which apparently appears in volume two. The volume two that refuses to exist on the internet.


  1. 23 November 2010, 09:11

    Noone Says:

    Houkago…. nice
    and yup, there’s still people who remember you ;)

  2. 23 November 2010, 09:35

    Geese1 Says:

    Didn’t even realize there was a second volume of this series. Hopefully it’ll show up someday.

    In the meantime, thanks for the release!

  3. 23 November 2010, 10:08

    anonymous Says:

    Mother of fuck, there’s another volume of this lying around somewhere, hiding from the internet? Goddamn, I’m happy that there’s more, but I’m sad I won’t ever get to read it. Still, it made my day to see an omake listed on mangaupdates. Cheers and thanks for the hard work.

  4. 23 November 2010, 10:09

    Pyro Jack Says:

    Just wondering…..what would you guys say to an offer of raws?

  5. 23 November 2010, 10:46

    Me Says:

    No I don’t remember you, you people are dead!

  6. 23 November 2010, 11:04

    mg Says:

    Thank you for this!!

  7. 23 November 2010, 11:37

    Laster Says:

    Thanks! I’m downloading all the magazine raws in the meanwhile. The latest magazine raws are named “Houkago Play 3”, lol.

  8. 24 November 2010, 04:55

    iccanobif Says:

    I have a couple of pages from volume 2 I managed to download from danbooru before they deleted them (yes, deleted).

    >I’m downloading all the magazine raws in the meanwhile. The latest magazine raws are named “Houkago Play 3”, lol.


  9. 24 November 2010, 15:05

    Jiu Says:

    I do believe I’d die of cancer, Solamarle would die of a heart attack and some other calamities.
    Actually, I’d just be incredibly hyped and start working on it.

  10. 25 November 2010, 04:01

    Pyro Jack Says:

    Great, you guys got my email address. Hit me up, let’s talk shop.

  11. 25 November 2010, 08:08

    notaviking Says:

    It’s definitely not from volume 2, I just paged through my copy. Perhaps some sort of magazine teaser? I dunno. I’m just waiting for volume 3. :D

  12. 1 December 2010, 07:04

    Kariel Says:

    I love you guys! ____ Thanks a lot!
    I really liked your translation for the first Houkago Play. It would be really cool if you did the second and the third one too :) And this club captain is the main heroine in the Houkago Play 3 as far as I know :)

  13. 3 December 2010, 02:42

    imnotamused Says:

    This is great, I was actually doing the cleaning and everything, only the translations were missing.
    I have houkago play 2 chapter 1 to 14 and then houkago play 3 ch 1 to 4. Also 5 “omakes” (6 including this one)
    They’re great great quality, if you don’t have them by now, send me a msg and I’ll gladly give them to you.

  14. 15 December 2010, 16:53

    Anonymous Says:

    Here the link for volume 2, hope you guys translate it!

  15. 2 January 2011, 11:49

    Sherry Says:

    This is the download link for volume 2 raw :)

    Translate it, please!

  16. 17 January 2011, 09:21

    DOKO Says:

    Srsly, please.

  17. 31 March 2011, 03:55

    Lan Says:

    I can’t believe I’m so late to notice your resurrection and last translation. I’ve been wishing for HP translation for ages, since I read you translation for volume 1. Since then, Houkago Play becomes one of my favorites and I’ve been looking for every related stuff I could find.
    And I have found plenty of stuff, including the 3 complete volumes and the extras, and that these extras were also included on the 3rd tankoubon.
    So, basically, by having all three volumes, you have pretty much everything.

    Here they are:
    vol 2:
    vol 3:

    I look forward to you next translations~<3

    PS: Wow, SpamBots.