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Despair Works

For what is life BUT despair?

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 12

Koe de Oshigoto! Chapter 12:

So here it is. As promised (?) before the start of June! We’re still caught up to syndication… although just barely.

Back by popular demand (from no one in particular), here’s a little poem to express how I feel.

Springtime visits my fair abode, bringing
With it all the joys and thrills of freedom;
Yet here I sit, ‘twixt chair and screen, typing,
Attempting to create my own Kingdom.
Curséd sloth! You impede me on my quest.
Were I less lazy I would have finished.
Yet, every three minutes I wish for rest,
And my will to work starts to diminish.
How can one as slovenly as I hope
To ever become known, famous or great?
Quietly I sit, attempting to cope,
Peradventure, lots of work is my fate.
This poem is emo, I am sure of it;
Back to KdO, and fapping to it.


PS: Two things.
One: That poem isn’t indicative of anything. I’m just really bored. In actuality, I’ve been busy playing Fallout.
Two: Some more observant people may notice that our contact info has changed. Forget IRC, we’ll just use this website! If you need to find us, just leave a comment. I check this website daily anyways.


  1. 16 May 2009, 17:20

    Kevadu Says:

    Thank you for the release!

  2. 16 May 2009, 17:43

    critnal Says:

    Much appreciated.

  3. 16 May 2009, 17:48

    c_k Says:

    Thanks for the chapter~ Now to wait for the next one. :P

  4. 16 May 2009, 22:29

    suiton Says:

    zomgZ. Finally!!!!!!

  5. 17 May 2009, 00:38

    aerin Says:

    thank you so much ><
    i love you guys,,,
    i always waiting for the new chapter,, it’s brighten my day,,,
    waiting for more,,,
    thanks anyway .

  6. 17 May 2009, 02:52

    sefinalishehalif Says:

    gah, thank you~!

  7. 17 May 2009, 21:06

    lunix Says:

    yay, thanks!

  8. 18 May 2009, 03:08

    Joe-Kerr Says:

    Damnit, just look at Yayoi’s posture…

    I’m waiting for her to say any moment, “Prepare unit 01 for launch!”

  9. 18 May 2009, 16:46

    EternalBlue Says:

    But but!! I sit around on IRC dead xDD

    Oh well, thanks for the awesome release hehe :3

  10. 19 May 2009, 17:03

    Zathael Says:

    Yes! I really liked this chapter (but then again, I like all the chapters). Thank you for this!

  11. 21 May 2009, 00:04

    Sommion Says:

    I just started follow this manga, and I LOVE IT! you guys can tell me if this manga is 1 manga per week or month?

  12. 21 May 2009, 02:49

    Akira Says:

    Sommion: Once a month. We update once a month on this series, usually before the next installment comes out.

  13. 21 May 2009, 13:14

    TheDarkNerd Says:

    Wait, what’s this about a collaboration of some sort with Mosaic.wav advertised at the end of the chapter? Not all too familiar with them, but might they be doing an insert song for this manga, or something?

  14. 30 May 2009, 03:45

    Shin Says:

    Many many many thanks for this manga! XD

  15. 1 June 2009, 04:02

    Jello Says:

    thanks 4 the release.

    btw i was just wondering, when does comic gum come out?

  16. 1 June 2009, 20:33

    seiya_odango Says:

    Thank you! I have been looking forward to the next chapter of this! I eagerly await the next one! Thank you for your hard work :D

  17. 3 June 2009, 20:38

    Farmer Says:

    Nice one, chaps!

  18. 7 June 2009, 06:34

    KKK Says:

    Chap 13 raw is out, I’ll waiting for you scan.

  19. 8 June 2009, 11:48

    Sommion Says:

    in the final page of the chapter 12….what is that of “mosaic.waw”? a drama cd or something? if is that….i want hear how is the voice actress tha they chose for Kanna XDD

  20. 8 June 2009, 23:22

    Natarii Says:

    Great work. Thanks for chapter 12. Your releases are awesome.=)

  21. 9 June 2009, 13:05

    msgundam2 Says:

    Fallout3 can cause that. what ever you do don’t blow up megaton they got balbal heads